Harry Ousey: Artist Studio Sale (Macclesfield)

Harry Ousey: Artist Studio Sale (Macclesfield)

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Date: 7th Nov, 2023 10:00
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“Some landscapes cannot be expressed in words, only in paint.”

Harry Ousey was a peripatetic figure whom the art world has largely forgotten. Harry was born in Manchester in 1915 and died in Marseilles in 1985. In between he trained as architect in London, spent the wartime period in Woolwich Barracks, moved to Cornwall, had his first solo exhibition in London and, following his failed business of Ousey Fine Arts in Gloucestershire, moved to France.

This one-off sale of almost 600 paintings, prints and drawings will be a celebration of Ousey’s life and a wonderful opportunity to acquire his work.

For more information regarding Harry Ousey and his artworks, please follow the link here